Alexa Tonkovich

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

Alexa Tonkovich was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska with a one year hiatus spent in Hokkaido, Japan.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Asian Studies/Political Science from Colgate University in Hamilton, New York, with a semester of study at Kansai Gaidai in Hirakata, Japan.  Prior to working at ASMI Alexa worked as a paralegal specializing in immigration law in New York and for the State of Alaska’s Division of Elections.  With ASMI, Alexa started as the Asia Marketing Coordinator in 2009, and then worked as the Asia & Emerging Markets Manager, focusing on China, Japan and Brazil.  In 2013 she took over as the International Program Director, managing ASMI’s marketing programs in 21 countries in eight regions.  In 2015 Alexa was selected by the ASMI Board of Directors as the Executive Director of the agency, managing international and domestic marketing efforts as well as technical, communications, RFM and global food aid programs.  In her spare time Alexa serves on the Advisory Board for University of Alaska Anchorage’s Montgomery Dickson Center for Japanese Language and Culture.  When the weather cooperates she enjoys cross country skiing and hiking.


Social & Market Trends, Tue 10:40

The Emerging E-Commerce Landscape: Strategies, Marketing in a New Age, and Lessons Learned


One of the most traditionally effective ways to promote a product is through in-store retail promotions.  As many brick and mortar retail brands lose market share to non-traditional retail and more consumers shop online, how does a commodity group, brand or supplier keep pace? Particularly when it comes to a product that may be perishable, specialized, or new-to-market?  In 2013, Alaska Seafood partnered with Tmall, Asia’s largest online shopping platform, for a promotion on Single’s Day, the Chinese equivalent of Cyber Monday.  The successful promotion changed the way Alaska Seafood markets itself in China completely.  Since that time e-commerce opportunities have multiplied rapidly in China, Japan, the EU and the U.S. The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) will share examples of these activities, e-commerce strategies, lessons learned, and discuss marketing in this new age.